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A Little Bit of Labrador (With a hint of Newfoundland)

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A Little Bit of Labrador (With a hint of Newfoundland)

This beautiful basket is filled with special items from Labrador and Monica Surina of "Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador" .  You will find a handmade “Parka” doll, yummy “Pure Labrador” partridgeberry jam and syrup, and some handmade caribou earrings.  The basket also comes with what Labrador is well known for – Labradorite!  It includes a beautiful 5 piece coaster set (4 coasters + coaster holder), lovely Labradorite book mark, and a stunning Labradorite necklace (16”) and earring set.  And to make sure that you get a tiny taste of Newfoundland as well, the basket includes some delicious Newfoundland made partridgeberry tea, chocolate bars along with mini jams. 

What is Labradorite:  The origin of Labradorite comes from a story of a wandering Inuit warrior who came upon the Northern Lights trapped in stone.  With a mighty blow of his spear, he freed most of the lights which are now seen at night in the northern skies of Labrador.  However, some of the lights remained trapped in the stone, resulting in beautiful Labradorite.

What is a Parka doll:  What could be more Labradorian than a family of Parka people?  For the winter months of the year, traditional parkas are the dress of the traditional Labrador family.  We never see the unhappy ones, because they are too cold to come out of their houses because they haven’t got parkas yet!  Happiness is a parka on a winter’s day.

Value: $200

Weight: 10 lbs

Please consider the shipping costs that will be the responsibility of the winner of this basket.  The basket will be taken apart to ship to the winner.  Basket not included.