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Dog Tired Hooked Rug
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This dog is tired... DOG TIRED! Not to mention cute. My sleepy pup is dreaming sweet dreams, which no doubt involve bones and mud and smelly things in which to roll. And remember, a tired dog is a good dog!

There are three blue fabric tabs for hanging the rug from a dowel. It measures 18.5"W x 14"H and is hooked on rug warp. It is "fine" (as opposed to "primitive") hooking, meaning I use fine-cut strips of cut wool fabric, each loop pulled up by hand. I dyed most of the wool myself. There's a little bit of novelty yarn hooked into the background amongst the stars, to add sparkle and texture.

Natalie Rowe from Apple Hill, Ontario

Value: $250

You can see more of Natalie's work at her Etsy shop

Natalie lives in Apple Hill, Ontario and as she says, "Living in rural bliss here on the farm with my beloved bearded hubby, six cats, one old dog, oodles of chickens, many Muscovy ducks, three Guinea fowl sharing one brain, two Narragansett turkeys, thousands of honeybees and one incredibly awesome pig named Ophelia, with a smattering of piglets." 

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